Our Expertise

Our staff consists of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). Our staff are trained in the latest Applied Behavior Analysis techniques, maintain their professional certifications, and complete regular training.

1:1 Intensive Teaching Early Intervention Program


We offer 1:1 ABA programming for children under the age of 5. Our program emphasizes building language and social skills for young children with autism. The program’s components include naturalistic environment teaching, discrete trial training, and generalization. The Intensive Teaching Early Intervention programs are created based on the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program. Staff will work on increasing communication in the natural environment, pre-academic skills, and social skills.

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1:1 ABA Therapy: School Aged

We provide 1:1 ABA therapy for children with autism in our center-based setting. Behavioral and skill acquisition assessments are in order to individualize client programs. The programs include decreasing inappropriate behaviors, increasing communication skills, increasing independence, socially appropriate behaviors and social skills.


1:1 ABA Therapy: Transition Aged

We provide 1:1 ABA therapy that focuses on preparing individuals with autism for the transition into adulthood. Each individual is assessed using the Assessment for Functional Living Skills.  This assessment covers major areas needed for transitioning, including basic skills, home, school, vocational and community. Individuals work on increasing independence through the chaining and shaping of behaviors.

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BCBA Group and Independent Supervision

We offer BCBA/BCABA supervision to individuals looking to obtain the required hours of supervision as part of the BACB requirements. Supervision that is provided is ethical, supportive, systematic and data driven. Supervision includes an initial assessment of familiarity, understanding, and the ability to apply concepts and principles from the BACB task list. Development of supervision is based on each student’s assessment and areas of interest. Group supervision is conducted weekly and includes exploration of concepts from the BACB task list.


Parent and Community Training

Allegheny Behavior Analysis Services, LLC offers a variety of ABA training that is geared towards educating families, caregivers, therapists, school personnel and/or providers on the principles of ABA. Our training is evidence- based and include the most current applications in ABA.  We offer crisis intervention training from Professional Crisis Management (PCM) for staff and parents.  Upon successful completion of the PCM course, trainees will be certified and will have to maintain yearly re-certification.  Contact us for a quote today.