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Our Expertise

Our staff consists of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT). Our staff are trained in the latest Applied Behavior Analysis techniques, maintain their professional certifications, and complete regular training.

1:1 Comprehensive Clinic

Based ABA Program


Who: Early learners

Our Expertise: We offer 1:1 ABA and Verbal Behavior programming for young children on the Autism Spectrum. Our program emphasizes building language, independence and social skills. The program’s components include natural environment teaching, discrete trial training and generalization/maintenance strategies. The 1:1 Comprehensive ABA Programs are created based on the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program as well as other standardized assessments.  Every client’s program is individualized to meet their unique developmental needs. 

Intensity: Comprehensive treatment often involves an intensity level of 30-40 hours of 1:1 direct treatment to the client per week, not including caregiver training, supervision, and other needed services.

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1:1 Focused Clinic

Based ABA Program

Who: School-aged individuals

Our Expertise: We provide 1:1 ABA therapy that focuses on preparing individuals with autism for the transition into adolescence and adulthood. Each individual is assessed using the Assessment for Functional Living Skills, VBMAPP, Social Skills Solutions, PDDBI and/or ABAS in order to guide treatment.  The Focused ABA Program is catered to each individual's specific needs.  It thoroughly addresses communication, social skills and appropriate replacement behaviors.

Intensity: Focused ABA generally ranges from 10-25 hours per week of direct treatment (plus direct and indirect supervision and caregiver training).


Parent and Caregiver Training

Who: Parent and caregivers

Our Expertise: Training is a part of both of our Focused and Comprehensive ABA programs. Training emphasizes skills development and support so that caregivers become competent in implementing treatment protocols across critical environments. Training focuses on the following: Generalization of skills acquired in treatment settings into home and community settings, behavior reduction and establishment of replacement behaviors effective, adaptive, and appropriate, adaptive skills training, contingency management for restrictive and repetitive behaviors and/or relationships with family members.

Intensity: 1 hour per month.

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BCBA Candidate Supervision

Who: BCBA candidates

Our Expertise: We offer BCBA candidate supervision to employees of ABAS looking to obtain the required hours of supervision as part of the BACB requirements. Supervision that is provided is ethical, supportive, systematic and data driven. Supervision includes an initial assessment of familiarity, understanding and the ability to apply concepts and principles from the BACB task list. Development of supervision is based on each student’s assessment and areas of interest.  ABAS has developed a curriculum that we believe provides BCBA candidates with valuable experiences and opportunities. Quarterly assessments are completed on the candidate and monthly progress of hours is monitored to make sure the candidate is making progress and gaining the experience to become a well-rounded future BCBA.


Internship Site

Who: University students

Our Expertise: We are excited to partner with and offer our new space as a place for university students to grow and learn.  We work with each university to meet competency requirements while facilitating growth and understanding of ABA principles and how to apply them to increase skill acquisition and reduce problem behaviors.  An intern with ABAS will be placed for an entire semester and must apply.

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