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Employment Opportunities

Title: Behavior Technician/Registered Behavior Technician (BT/RBT)

Status: Hourly, Monday-Friday 8:00 am-6:00 pm

Description: A BT/RBT with ABAS (ABAS) is a one-on-one instructor responsible for the day-to-day teaching and implementation of their client’s treatment plan goals and behavior programs assigned to his or her caseload. ABAS provides services to families primarily in the clinic setting with occasional services in the home and community setting. ABAS programming is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Verbal Behavior. All BT’s/RBT’s are trained in these principles and are expected to implement them throughout their sessions with their clients. This position is an hourly position. BT/RBT must be onsite when their clients are present.   A BT/RBT reports directly to and is evaluated by the BCBA partnered with their caseload and/or the Clinical Director. The BT/RBT will maintain a weekly billable caseload of direct service hours as directed by the Clinical Director and will maintain appropriate documentation of billable hours worked using the data collection and scheduling system called Rethink.  Must have an interest working and helping children with intellectual disabilities, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We offer assistance with obtaining the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification through the BACB, the professional organization for Behavior Analysts.  We require our staff to obtain the RBT certification by taking a 40 hour certification training and have a competency assessment completed within the first month of employment start date.  Practicum hours are provided free of charge to employees of ABAS pursuing a BCBA certification.

Hours Required:  Typically within 8:00-6:00 M-F time frame with 10-30 hours a week based on client availability, staff availability, clinical reviews, and trainings.   Potential for more hours may become available.

Pay Rate:  Based on qualifications, experience, certifications.  

Job Requirements:

  1. BT/RBT must have a strong understanding of the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behavior and the research that supports it.

  2. BT/RBT must be able to assist in data collection procedures needed for behavioral assessments. This includes indirect and direct behavioral assessments.

  3. BT/RBT must be able to read and analyze FBA results and implement developed BIP’s. 

  4. BT/RBT’s must be able to analyze assessments for skill acquisition such as the VB-MAPP, Essentials for Living and/or AFLS.

  5. BT/RBT’s must be able to implement and collect data on individualized goals in the treatment plan.

  6. Must be skilled with skill acquisition strategies such as Discrete Trial Teaching and Natural Environment Teaching. 

  7. Must be able to flawlessly employ skill acquisition and behavior reduction strategies.

  8. BT/RBT must be able to track and record behaviors using different types of measurements and must be able to analyze data to track client’s progress.

  9. Record and enter client’s behavioral data, treatment plan goal data and treatment notes.

  10. Replenish and maintain client’s materials as needed. 

  11. Manage client’s program, track program progress and organize and maintain all data collection systems that are in place.

  12. Monitor frequency of goals being targeted to ensure the client is making progress and that the programs are being implemented on a daily basis.  

  13. Work in collaboration with the other team members and family members by analyzing data, and communicating with team members in regards to any changes to the clients program on a weekly basis.  

  14. BT/RBT must be organized, timely and have strong written and oral communication skills.

  15. BT/RBT will meet regularly with the Clinical Director and the clients  BCBA to address any issues impacting the client's progress and development.

  16. BT/RBT must be able to accept feedback appropriately and continue or improve performance as needed.

  17. Attend trainings and professional development opportunities presented by ABAS.

  18. Assist clients in the community/home as a professional representative of ABAS if in a setting outside of the clinic.

  19. Uphold all professional standards of ABAS as well as the RBT Ethics Code and the RBT Handbook.

  20. Maintain clearances, licenses and certifications.

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