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Welcome to

Allegheny Behavior Analysis Services

"Striving to improve and enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities and the families who support them using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis."

Our Approach

Allegheny Behavior Analysis Services, LLC, is an ABA practice in Pittsburgh, PA that focuses on serving and improving the lives of children and adolescents diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


Our ultimate goal is to work with families and children while facilitating teamwork and collaboration between those that support them. We want to provide the best quality services to our families and children so that they may have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

Diversity & Inclusion

ABAS is committed to being an inclusive and equitable organization with a culture that encourages diversity and shows appreciation for each individual's uniqueness. ABAS is committed to protecting and supporting our staff and the client’s we serve so that they may feel welcome and included.

ABAS will ensure diversity equity and inclusion by examining our unconscious biases, engaging in equitable pay practices, recognizing the various holidays celebrations and observances that are important to the ABAS community, selecting teaching materials thoughtfully through a DEI lens, dedicating ourselves to anti-ableism, and routinely working to identify additional areas for improvement and growth.

Diverse Kindergarten
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